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  • Over two years ago my business partner and I started buying and selling cell phones to make some money on the side. This screenshot is from eBay around when we started in 2009. Also note this was a single day of feedback. We bought the two iPhone 3GS' for $350 and $380. We sold them for $480 and $490. The Blackberry Tour was bought for $160. We got $248. The 3G we paid $180 for and got $286 in return.

  • As time started moving, so did our sales and revenue. Our purchase costs became lower, our quantity became higher, and keep in mind we had no start-up costs, no storefront, nothing! Just time - around 30 minutes a day put towards searching through local means such as Craigslist and social networks to see what the best deals were, and then we'd act fast and scoop them all up. Starting this venture in college as self proclaimed college entrepreneurs made it especially great for us as there were tons of students and thus, of course, tons of people upgrading, breaking their phones, and so on.

  • We only accepted PayPal payments when selling the phone on eBay (the PayPal amounts as shown in the picture are slightly higher as the buyer had to pay for shipping). Of course, there are other routes than eBay for selling purposes, but eBay was one we relied heavily on as it would always bring top dollar.

  • While I have no excuse for his spelling in the feedback, we did pay $160 for this iPhone 3GS... and we did sell for $255. The entire time spent for this transaction was less than 30 minutes and nearly $100 was made. Is the entrepreneurial light bulb flickering next to your head yet?

  • We paid $250 for this MyTouch 4G which sold for $405. With another almost-30 minutes down the the drain, around $150 fell into our pockets. Talk about a return on investment - I know you're starting to see that this may be a way to boost your income!

  • $60 for this a Droid Incredible with a cracked screen. As shown, the selling price was $182.50. See, people don't know what their phones are worth! That's what we're here to teach willing entrepreneurs that want to start taking advantage of this knowledge. It's so easy once you know what you're doing, and we're here to teach you everything you need to know.

  • Paid $200 for an Evo Shift 4G which sold for $370.25.

These were not our best deals, in fact, they were very average and far from some of our best. Further, these were just a small handful - over the past almost-three years we've conducted many hundreds of sales. All of this in total with around 30 minutes a day, no start-up costs, no storefront, no tricks or previous knowledge. All you need is a little entrepreneurial drive and desire to make money..

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